Gray Digital Media

Align your goals with full-funnel solutions that are built to exceed your expectations and grow your business.

Inform and engage qualified, local users through high-impact advertising served on trusted news and weather outlets in over 90 markets nationwide.

Build brand awareness with display ads based on users’ behavior, interests and location. Reach the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

Unleash the power of Targeted Video with pre-roll video ads. Serve your ads to users by behavior, interests and location, finding your customers early in their purchase journey.

Utilize the leading CTV/OTT advertising platform with 125+ premium direct publishing partners on all devices. TAG Certified against Fraud. No Open-Exchange inventory.

Tap into YouTube’s 2 billion monthly users with data-driven targeting tactics that allow
your video ads to be shown in full to maximize your budget.

Drive engagement by precisely targeting your audience on Facebook and Instagram. From targeted reach to driving leads, the world’s top social media platforms deliver results.

Reach customers directly in their inbox with compelling, professional creatives. Deliver your sends with intricate selections based on geography, demographics,
interests, and more.


Organic online prominence is an ongoing process. Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental piece of increasing online visibility. Our team of experts will make your site easier to find online.

Find new customers and drive conversions with strategic, targeted search engine ads. Reach potential customers the moment they search for your products or services.

Maximize your campaign’s call-to-action by driving an engaged audience to a custom page built specifically to increase trackable conversions and form fills.

This isn’t your typical analytics report. The live dynamic dashboard allows you to visualize the performance of your digital campaigns 24/7, giving you the story behind the data. This state-of-the-art tool delivers the reporting transparency and trust that you deserve and allows our team to optimize campaigns based on results.

Get an unparalleled level of broadcast marketing data with our in-house Edge™ Broadcast Attribution Dashboard. This milestone technology shows the impact that your broadcast television campaigns have on driving viewers to your website. Learn what creatives, programs, schedules, and days of the week are working best.